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To help job seekers put their best foot forward as they search for opportunities that match their skills and career goals, while also assisting employers in finding more job-ready accounting and finance candidates.

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Ujuzingo comes from the words (Ujuzi and go). Ujuzi in Swahili means expertise, experience, skill, knowledge and or technique therefore "get the skills and go". We are a premier provider of recruitment services and accounting tuition for all major accounting qualifications. We provide a variety of online courses for the ACCA, CIMA and CPA qualifications and other supplementary courses.

A quick Flash Back

October 2022
Ujuzingo partners with First Intuition, a UK-based award-winning professional education training provider to offer tuition for the major accounting qualifications.

In so doing, Ujuzingo can now deliver online, comprehensive, accessible, affordable, tuition offerings in addition to the recruitment services as we see logic in bringing recruitment and training together under one roof.
April 2022
New name, expanded offering: Jobopenings.co.ug becomes Ujuzingo. Jobopenings.co.ug rebrands to Ujuzingo to reflect growth and target a wider audience.
December 2016
The jobopenings.co.ug brand a local online job-board is launched as a Mubhen Llc service to primarily connect job seekers to employers.

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We are looking for curious explorers who like to learn, share what they know with others, see the real results of their work, want to go off the beaten path, and feel a sense of ownership and participation in their job rather than just doing it because they have to. If you are willing to challenge the status quo, Ujuzingo could be your next journey.

Accounting Tutor (ACCA / CIMA / CPA)
Uganda / Remote