Freelance Opticien Visagiste

  • Alan
  • France, Belgium, Spain, Remote possible
  • 30/04/2022


🐼 Who we are

Alan is the healthcare super-app offering personalised healthcare & wellbeing to our members.
Founded in 2016 by Jean-Charles Samuelian and Charles Gorintin, Alan is the first independent digital health insurance in France since 1986.

By providing our members with delightful health insurance bundled with innovative healthcare services, Alan's long-term goal is to help all people have a personalized and accessible healthcare experience.

As of today, Alan covers more than 250,000 members, representing over €160m+ of annualized revenue. We recently raised a further €185m in a series D funding round bringing the company’s total valuation to €1.4bn. The team is 450+ people and growing. We recently landed in Spain 🇪🇸 and Belgium 🇧🇪, and guess what: the best is yet to come!

🤘 How we do it?

At Alan, we have a set of cultural values that guide our approach to work:
- Members first. We put our members first, our team second, our shareholders third.
- Distributed Ownership. We empower everyone to make courageous decisions and to work asynchronously.
- Radical Transparency. We take all our decisions in writing and adopt a direct and honest style of communication.
- Personal & Team Growth. We are self-improving whilst helping others grow. We’re no ego-doers and we all edit the company.
- Fearless ambition. We shoot for the moon and work backwards. We push for excellence by focusing on uncomfortable A+ problems. 

💎 Underrepresented folks...

Science shows that you are less likely to apply if you feel you don’t have all the necessary prerequisites.  If this description matches where you are now or what you'd like to grow into in your next position, we encourage you to apply.

We strive to make our culture as inclusive as possible and believe both the company and its culture are strongest when composed of diverse experiences and backgrounds.
- We have an open salary & equity policy combined with a transparent career path: we base our people decisions on objective criteria.
- We have flexible working hours and leave policy.
- We trust people to work remotely
- We extended the length of parental leave and value this time as professional experience.
- We respect our coworkers gender identity and use their names, pronouns and agreements no matter their legal status.
- We make tough decisions if we see discriminatory remarks.

👓 The challenge 👓

We have implemented our own online glasses shopping experience through our app. We aim to improve the optics journey by making it easier for members to understand and meet their optics needs.

We want to go further and offer our members advice from a personal stylist to help them choose the best fit for their next glasses.
The Personal stylist is an experienced sales person who will deliver delightful and impactful advice and guidance to our members regarding their choice of glasses through a video discussion.

This position will start with 2 shifts of 4 hours per week , with a freelance contract. This can evolve through time, depending on our member’s needs. In terms of salary, we are offering 30-40€ per hour based on experience.

We are looking for someone :
- To provide fashion and style advice which is personalised and relevant
- To interpret customer needs and wants and factor those into their approach
- To convince members through their capacity at building trust
- To go the extra mile and delight our members
- Contribute to the development of the service through feedback and suggestions

⭐️ Profile and competencies we are looking for ⭐️

Hard skills:
- Must have significant experience in retail sales (with a strong preference for glasses)
- Comfortable around technology / tech enthusiast, willing to try innovative tools to support remote sales
- A strong fashion knowledge base including an array of men's/women’s brands, designers, styles, and trends and staying-up-to-date and knowledgeable of current and future fashion trends through such mediums as social media, print magazines, blogs, online, etc.
- Bonus : Opticien Lunetier qualification

Soft skills:
- Customer advocate
- Flexibility with full-time schedule, including shift assignments on weekends/evenings.
- Exceptional communication skills, including the ability to clearly and concisely communicate in writing and speech

- Perfectly fluent in French
- Some English preferred

🤝 The Alan Method

At Alan, we have a set of cultural values that translate into our approach to work:
- We solve big problems, quickly, with focus
- We tell and share everything
- We grow as individuals while we are developing the company

🙌  Perks & Benefits

At Alan, we believe that being in good health is a basic need, and it starts with our employees. This is why Alaners are provided with a stimulating environment and perks for them to be happy, efficient and spend only high-quality time with co-workers. 

Therefore, we offer:
- Flexible Office. Amazing office space in the headquarters, sponsored co-working hubs or a full-remote experience for those who want, with home office equipment sponsorship.
- We reward fairly. Competitive Salary and generous equity packages
- All the tools you need. Top of the range equipment: Macbook Pro, keyboard, laptop stand, monitor, and Bose noise-cancelling headphones
- Flexible vacation policy. Alaners can organize their time off as they wish.
- Delightful healthcare insurance. Extremely comprehensive health insurance - 100% of the contribution covered by Alan for you and your family.
- Transport. Country-specific commuter benefits
- Learning & Training opportunities. A very flexible Training policy at Alan, free books and budget to attend and speak at conferences if the opportunity arises
- Parental leave. Extended parental leave for all new parents.

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We do not ask for any fees (refundable or non-refundable) at any stage of the job application and or recruitment process. We, therefore, appeal to job seekers not to respond to any such requests.